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This page will be perpetually expanded and updated.  If you can't find what you are looking for, or think something needs to be here, contact the IT Training Coordinator at

Topics (in alphabetical order):


Accessibility Checker   see Microsoft Office 2016Website Accessibility
Accessibility StandardsWhy Accessibility?

Adobe Acrobat X   User Guide

Adobe Acrobat XI  User Guide

Adobe CONNECT (see Connect) **Note: this app will be discontinued as of Dec 2018

            Moving Adobe Connect recordings to Kaltura
Atomic Learning (aka Hoonuit)   **Jan 2018** This is now a part of UMS Academy, and  is accessed from the Launchpad of the portal (  

Blackboard    Getting Started with Blackboard      

Blackboard Organizations  Box Help

Cache – how to clear  (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)  


Concur  Get Started with Concur         Introduction to Concur for Staff


CONNECT (Adobe)  (aka  **Note: this app will be discontinued as of Dec 2018



  FirstClass Migration

Google"New" Gmail Tips June 2018




Consolidating/updating ContactsSet up calendar delegationWhere do I access my Gmail?
Deleting ContactsPerform a Busy SearchSearches in Gmail
Create a Contact GroupAdd a meeting to your calendarKeyboard Shortcuts for Gmail
Remove individuals from a Contact GroupArchiving messages in GmailChange my Email Forwarding
Add or Delete ContactsInvite people to a meeting  Create a vacation rule
Send someone your Contact Group(s)Create and Share a new calendarAdd or Save Attachments

Add a video call to a meetingAdd an additional email account/Send mail FROM other account

10/2017 GSuite's NEW Calendar InterfaceCanned Responses (templates)
Organizing your MailboxGoogle GroupsAdd a signature
Decide whether to Delete or Archive in GMailGoogle Group or Listserv?Block email from a known address
Create a filter for incoming mailUsing Google GroupsHow to Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client for Mailto Links
Filter your forwarded email
Macintosh - Make Gmail the default mail app in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
Using Labels to organize your email
Why can't I use Read Receipts?
Delegate access to your email or an AUX ACCOUNT
Show expanded date and time in Inbox (Chrome Add-on)
OtherHangouts/MeetGoogle Communities
Adding Gmail to your Android deviceKeyboard Shortcuts for Hangouts (Windows or Mac)Creating a Google Community
Google DriveStart a hangoutGoogle Classroom
Using Google FormsSchedule a meeting with a HangoutGetting Started
8 Ways to Find Almost Anything in Google DriveGet Started with Google MeetGoogle Sites
Tips for Sharing Files and Folders
Getting Started
Google Drive FileStream

Force Copy when sharing a doc

What can I store in Google Drive (file size and type)?

Gmail Training Videos

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Hoonuit (aka Atomic Learning)   **Jan 2018** This is now a part of UMS Academy, and  is accessed from the Launchpad of the portal (  

ImageNow (also known as Perceptive Content)

Information Security ISO Portal       Employee Protect of Data APL

IP Phones 

IP Phones at UM (models 8945 and 8961)

Kaltura  Getting Started       Student Guide to Using Kaltura on Blackboard


IT Lunch&Learn 2018 Sessions  Schedule and Descriptions      Google Calendar Link

MaineStreet: visit their Webinar Channel

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Microsoft Office 2016: 

(print) What's new?        (video) Why You Should Upgrade to Office 2016

Add Accessibility Checker to the Quick Access ToolBar

Add Accessibility Checker to the Ribbon

Microsoft Office 2013:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MailMerge, Table Tricks & Tips, Integrating Office Files

Microsoft Office 365: Getting Started

Perceptive Content (see Image Now)

PowerPoint in ZOOM – see ZOOM

Printers Canon


Service Catalog  UMS IT Services

Tempest:  Connecting to UMS Wireless Network (Tempest)
UMS Academy   **Jan 2018** This is now a part of UMS Academy, and  is accessed from the Launchpad of the portal (  

USM VoiceMail

WebCMS User Documentation

Wifi:  see Tempest

Windows 7:  Windows 7 Desktop Overview   Windows 7 Start Menu Overview   Windows 7 Taskbar Overview

Windows 10:  Differences between Win 7 and Win 10 for the New User

Windows Presentation Mode Presentation Mode

UTSC:  University Tech Support Center Home Page



Image result for it trainingContact