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  • Student Guide to Using Kaltura in Blackboard
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Kaltura media allows you to create, upload, and publish videos in your Blackboard courses. The quick start guide below walks you through the basics of Kaltura, including how to:

1. Add Media to a Blackboard Tool such as an Assignment or Discussion Board;
2. Upload new media or record new media using a screen recorder or webcam;
3. Manage your media across courses.

Add Media to a Discussion Board or Assignment

Step 1: Access your Discussion, Blog, Assignment link, etc., and look for the text editing bar (known as the Text Editor). Note: If you need to use Kaltura media for an Assignment, you will need to click the option to Write a Submission for the text editor to appear.
Step 2: Select the Mashup icon on the bottom row.
Step 3: Select Kaltura Media.

Upload or Record your media

Option 1: If uploading a video:

Step 1: Select Upload Media or Record from Webcam.
Step 2:
Select the Upload tab.
Step 3:
Browse for and upload your file.
Step 4:
Wait for upload.
Step 5:
Select Next.

Option 2: If recording using your webcam:

Step 1: Select Upload Media or Record from Webcam.
Step 2:
Select the Webcam tab.
Step 3:
Select Allow (see below). 

Step 4: Select the red record button. When finished recording, select Play to preview or Next to upload.
Step 5: Your video will appear. Select Next to continue.
Step 6: You can add the following information to your video: a. Title b. Search Tags ( to allow for easy location using the search tool in your My Media or Course Media gallery) c. Description 
Step 7: Select Next to upload.

Option 3: If you are recording your screen:

Step 1: Select Record Your Screen from the Add Media drop-‐down menu. Note: you may need to update Java on your computer or allow pop ups in your browser. Please visit to determine your version or update.
Step 2: Select the red record button to begin.
Step 3: Move mouse slowly and smoothly. Your mouse is being recorded.
Step 4: Turn off all phones and alerts before beginning.
Step 5: Select Done to preview.

Step 6: Change your title, tags and description.
Step 7: Select Upload.

Step 8: Wait for upload. Depending upon the file size and the speed of your Internet connection, it will take some time for your video to appear in the Text Editor and in your My Media gallery.

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