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What is the nature of the problem?

  • When did the semester start?
    • This is not uncommon at the beginning of the semester.
  • Are you enrolled in the course in Mainestreet?
    • IF you are enrolled, when did you enroll? If it is less than 24 hours class will not appear in blackboard until the following day.
    • The best indicator is to have you verify that you are registered for the class in Mainestreet as Blackboard enrollments pull directly from Mainestreet. This pull happens overnight hence the 24 hour window for courses to be visible in Blackboard.
  • My course has not been made available in Blackboard?
    • The most likely reason the course is not visible at this point would be the course not being made available by the Professor. 
    • Each Professor will choose to do this on their own timeline.  Some Professors choose to wait until the first day of class or later to do this.
    • We recommend you contact your professor.