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This article discusses how you can go about getting university supplied software installed on your computer.

If the computer belongs to USM, please see USM specific instructions at USM Installing Applications on University-owned Machines.

What can I Install?

The University of Maine System has a number of applications that you can install yourself on your Windows Computer. Some applications are free, some applications are part of a site license that is purchased and some are applications that your department will need to purchase. You can find all the software offered by going to the University Application Catalog

Some software is not available for self installation. If you can not find the software you are looking for, please contact the Technology Support Center at 1-800-696-4357

How do I find the Application Catalog on Windows 7?

On Windows 7 you can go to the Start menu and just start typing "Application Catalog" in the Search box. When it finds the Application Catalog, you can click it or just hit enter on your keyboard.

Start Menu showing result of search for application cat, with Application Catalog in the result.

You can also go to "All Programs" on the Start Menu, choose "University Applications" and then you should see "Application Catalog"

Start Menu with All Programs circled.

Start menu, All Programs with circled resulting University Applications and highlighted Application Catalog.

How do I Install Applications?

 The Application Catalog has a listing of all the applications available for installation.

Shows Application Catalog in browser window with a list of some applications available.

You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headings.

Shows result of search for Microsoft Office application as described in line above.

You can also search by typing in want you want in the search box.

Office results in application catalog

Once you have found the application you want, select it and click Install.

Shows search results for Microsoft Office with a version highlighted. More Details circled at the bottom as described in the following info box.

You can also get more information such as help documentation by clicking the "More Details" link.

Resulting More Details pop-up with link to University Documentation circled.

Click the Documentation: link to find out more about the software.

One you click Install, it will ask you if you are sure.

It will then check requirements and download the software. 

Window depicting successful completion of requirements check and download.

You will be told when the installation has started (after it is downloaded).

Pop-up window informing that the installation has started.

Notification bubble from the system tray, notifying installation has started, using Adobe Flash as an example.

You will be alerted when the installation has finished.

Notification bubble from system tray, stating installation has completed, using Adobe Flash as an example.

Some installations are silent, but some will require you to interact with the installation.

What Are These Applications That Require Approval All About?

Some applications need to be purchased by your department before you can install them. These applications require approval. You can tell by the "Requires Approval" column will have a Yes in it.

Adobe Design search results

You can click the request button, fill some details about yourself such as your contact phone number.

Adobe deisgn request form

Once you submit the request it will be sent to the Campus Computer Store and they will get in touch with you to work out the details.

Once your request is approved, you will get an email and a notification on your computer that it has been approved with a link back to this document about how to install it if you need help. (Which you shouldn't now that you have gotten to this point in the document (wink))

Software Center install actions

If you click the notification you will be offered some options for when to install the software.

Choose install now to install right away.

Choose "Automatically install outside business hours" to perform the install

after hours. Usually 10PM unless you have changed your business hours.

See this link for more info.

Choose Do not install software to let it sit until you want to deal with it.

You can also choose Remind me later to just have it pop back up in a little while.

Installation time settings as described to the left.