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  • What is UMS Academy?

    • UMS Academy is comprised of three components: News, Calendar, and Learning Management System powered by Hoonuit. Courses completed through Hoonuit are tracked within the LMS; it is available to all employees to provide access to professional development trainings, as well as compliance  trainings.

  • What is Hoonuit?

    • Hoonuit, pronounced “Who knew it,” is the feeling you get when you learn something new. Hoonuit-moments are moments of discovery. Moments of insight that make you want to shout “Eureka!” For Hoonuit, these moments have defined their purpose: to provide Colleges and Universities, Faculty, Staff, and Students with tools that continually inspire “Hoonuit”-worthy strokes of genius. Training resources on hundreds of topics, including Student Success, Faculty/Staff Development, Technology Skills, Accessibility, and Compliance training.  Hoonuit is just one component of UMS Academy.  (Formerly known as Atomic Learning.)

  • How do I access Hoonuit?

      • If you are having issues accessing, please contact Hoonuit customer service either at or by calling (866) 259-6890 Ext. 8.


  • How do I earn a Certificate of Completion?

    • In order to get a Certificate of Completion from Hoonuit, all assets need to be viewed.  You must complete all components (LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt, ProveIt) of a series in their entirety in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

  • Where can I get my Certificates of Completion?

    • Once you’ve logged into Hoonuit, click on the “Certificates” Icon (looks like a small badge) in the blue menu on the left side of the screen.  Please note: It can take up to 15 minutes for a Certificate of Completion to generate.

  • I should have a Certificate of Completion, but do not see it available...

    • Certificates can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to generate in the Hoonuit system.  Please come back and check again after 15 minutes.  If a Certificate is still not available after coming back, please verify that all components of the series were viewed/done.  If still not available after that, please content Hoonuit Customer Service either at or by calling (866) 259 -6890 Ext. 8.

  • Where do I go to see my Assigned Trainings?

    • Once you’ve logged into Hoonuit, click on the “My Training” Icon (looks like a small clipboard) in the blue menu on the left side of the screen.  Then just click on Assigned Training and see a list of assignments.

  • Can I learn other things in Hoonuit?

    • Yes, Hoonuit contains trainings on hundreds of applications, career skills, student success, and more at no extra cost to you.  Log in and start exploring!

  • Can I use Hoonuit resources with my students?

    • Yes, we have an integration tool with Blackboard that allows you to pull content directly into your course and even link to the grade center if you choose.  Training on how to use the Integration tool can be found here: Building Block Training

UMS Academy:

Questions regarding the following should be directed to UMS Academy administrators:

  • Minimum requirements and required training

  • Assessment scores

  • Create additional trainings

UMS Academy Contact Information:

Direct inquiries to the following:



Megan Clough, Director of Learning & Organizational Development

Nina Conners, Administrative Specialist

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