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This process will walk you through installing software to help US:IT manage the migration of your Windows computer to the new Active Directory infrastructure. Once installed, the CCM client should be unobtrusive to your daily routine.


Do NOT install this on your personally owned computers! This is for University owned/supported computers only.

Do NOT install this if you are off campus! This needs to be run from a University network or the University wireless.

Before You Begin

  • You must have Administrator rights to your computer. If you are able to install software, then you have administrator rights.
  • If you are not an administrator on your computer, please contact IT and they will perform this installation for you.
  • Save any files you are working with and close any programs that are running.

End User Instructions

  1. Download the software from the following link:  Download the Install Script
  2. Locate the "portalscript" program in your Downloads folder and Run it (double-click).
  3. A Windows Security Warning might appear. Please disregard it and select the "Run" button.
    Windows Secrutiy Warning Message
  4. Do not close either of the windows that appear (shown below). Before entering any text, Select (left-click) the text field with your mouse and enter the requested information.
    Dialog box asking for users first name
  5. Select (left-click) the "Ok" button and repeat step 4 for each successive dialog box.
  6. Once you have completed all of the text entry fields, the following message will appear. Select (left-click) the "Ok" button to continue.
  7. A Windows User Account Control dialog box like the one depicted below might appear. Select (left-click) the "Yes" button to finish the process.

    Normally when you run into this sort of a box about allowing a program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer, you should say no. In this case it is required for the IT management software to be installed.

  8. You have completed your part of the install process. The rest is done automatically behind the scenes. 

"Why are you collecting our name, location, phone, etc?"

We are collecting this basic demographic information for several reasons.

  • It helps IT confirm that you are the person that normally uses this computer.
  • The installer notifies IT when it fails. Having this information helps us determine who to contact to troubleshoot the issue.

Confirming a Successful Installation (Optional)

If you experience abnormal behavior during the install and you contact IT for advice, they may ask you to perform the following steps. To confirm that the installation was successful, open the Control Panel. If there is a Configuration Management icon present, the install was successful. If it is not, then the installation failed and further assistance from IT will be required.

Configuration Manager Control Panel Icon

Opening this applet will reveal additional details like those shown below:

An image displaying the Configuration Manager applet. It contains a list of technical information not relevant to this article.