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This document links to the general USM Voicemail help page as well as containing some relevant commonly asked for information


  1. USM Telecommunications page
  2. Voicemail temporary password is 12 followed by the 4 digit extension
  3. The mailbox is the 4 digit extension
  4. Call Pilot (the voicemail program) will offer help at any time by pressing the * key.
  • Dial 4700 ƒ You will hear “mailbox?”
  • Put in your extension number, followed by #. ƒ
  • You will hear “password?” Put in your temporary password (written above), followed by #. ƒ
  • Then follow directions.
  • When you are asked for “old password”, use the same temporary one you just used. ƒ
  • “New Password” is the one you chose yourself
  •  If you get rattled, just hang up and try again.