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Step-by-step guide

To be completed daily

  1. Go to MaineStreet Financials
    1. Navigate to University of Maine System>Accounts Payable>Check Processing>eRefund Processing
    2. Select:
      1. 'View Student EFT Returned Payments'
      2. Business Unit - UMS05
      3. Record Type - R
      4. Choose date range starting 2 weeks ago until current date
      5. search
    3. Navigate to bottom of list (Items without a check have not been processed yet)
  2. Go to MaineStreet Campus Solutions
    1. Navigate to Main Menu>Student Financials>Refunds>Reverse and Cancel Refunds>Student Refunds by ID
      1. Enter ID
      2. Find refund that has been returned (verify date and amount)
      3. Click Reverse
    2. Navigate to Student Service Center
      1. Verify direct deposit information has not been updated, by the student, since the last refund processed.
      2. If DD has recently been updated, confirm with the student that the information and resubmit the refund
      3. If DD has not been recently updated, go to next step.
    3. Navigate to Main Menu>Student Financials>Refunds>AP Direct Deposit>Revoke Direct Deposit
      1. Enter ID
      2. Scroll to bottom of page and click box to indicate to revoke direct deposit
      3. Save
    4. Navigate to Student Service Center
      1. Enter ID
      2. Click on Financials tab
      3. Scroll to refund section
      4. Click Manage Student Direct Deposit
      5. Click Manage Bank Accounts
      6. Change status to inactive
    5. Go to Manage Service Indicators
      1. Add HRS/DD hold with comment on hold screen - Hold refund until student notifies us direct deposit has been corrected. Sent Message Center.
    6. Navigate to Main Menu>University of Maine System>Campus Community<Message Center>Create New Message
      1. Add
      2. Import Template
        1. Administrative Function -  Student Financials
        2. Search
        3. DD_RETURNED
        4. OK
          1. Start date - today
          2. Communication Status - active
          3. End date - 6 months 
          4. Selection method - Use a File Attachment
          5. Upload text file
          6. Click on Process Attached file
  3. Return to eRefund Processing in Financials
    1. place check mark in 'Campus' box
  4. Enter comment in