Our policies, procedures, and how-tos are below. Please see Requesting Web Support if you have further questions.

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For most support requests, the best and most direct option is to email us at webtech.support@maine.edu, which automatically creates a ticket in our support system and sends a notification email to everyone in Web Technologies. Although the same WebTech staff member often fields requests about a particular website, depending on staff availability and the type of issue, another team member may respond. For this reason, it is important to contact us through the webtech.support email address rather than emailing us directly. Also, a particular person may be away on vacation, out sick, or tied up with another project, so having the request in the ticketing system ensures that another available person can respond to the request more quickly.

To provide the best possible service and most efficient use of resources, Web Technologies provides support to a single point of contact (someone outside of IT) for each project, and that person assists other people who may work on the site. For example, the point of contact for a campus public website or myCampus site is often someone who works in that campus’ Marketing department. WebTech works closely with that person to ensure that he or she can manage the site and is able to provide training to other people who need it, such as campus staff editing a department web page.

When reporting an issue, please provide the following information:

  • A short description of problem

  • The address of the web page where you’re seeing the issue (e.g. http://www.uma.edu/admissions)

  • Your computer operating system (e.g. Mac OS Sierra, Windows 10)

  • Your web browser and version (e.g. Firefox 40.0.3)

  • Your location (which campus or general off-campus location – e.g. home in Augusta, visiting China, etc.)

For critical issues – when a site is down completely and unavailable to all users, especially outside of regular business hours – the most effective option is to contact the University Services Technology Support Center, the system-wide help desk for all UMS IT services. They provide multiple contact options on their website. They may be able to provide an explanation – for example, there could be a network outage affecting multiple services – or they can confirm the website outage. If the site does appear to be down, they will create a ticket and should assign it to the webtech work queue, which will automatically email us. However, we also monitor our websites using external tools, so chances are good that we already know about the outage even before your report it.

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