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This is the US:IT Web Technologies User Documentation home page. The page serves as the starting point for user documentation and is maintained by members of the team.

The Web Technologies team is responsible for websites in the University System, including the myCampus intranet portal and public websites for several campuses and System-wide Services (SWS) departments.

These sites include:

Our primary responsibilities include application-tier web technologies, front-end design, extending CMS themes and plugins, training content editors, and helping business owners define their needs and determine how to meet them. We also assist as needed with web server administration, web development, and other back-end tasks. Our sites are built on a few different Content Management Systems: Liferay (myCampus.maine.edu), Drupal (usm.maine.edu), and WordPress (just about everything else). 

Our team’s main goals are to make websites that:

  • Meet defined business needs, with positive user experience as a primary focal point.
  • Have responsive design, meaning content resizes and adapts to different screen resolutions and devices.
  • Comply with Section 508 accessibility standards for users with disabilities.
  • Are cost effective and consistent. Before the creation of the Web Tech team, many campus and SWS websites were outsourced to 3rd party companies, which resulted in sites that were expensive and difficult to support.

Though we don't support websites for individual people or courses, this service can be provided by other US:IT-supported tools, such as Blackboard (https://bb.courses.maine.edu) and Google Sites (sites.google.com). To get started with those options, contact the University Services Technology Support Center, the system-wide help desk for all UMS IT services.

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