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  • FTP Access to Non-CMS Web Sites using Dreamweaver CS6
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Some project web sites affiliated with USM are hosted on a dedicated server (web2) separate from USM's web content management system (CMS). The following instructions will assist you in setting up FTP access to non-CMS web sites in Dreamweaver CS6.

Configure the Site

  1. From the Dreamweaver menu, either:
    1. create a new site: go to Site > New Site; or
    2. edit an existing site: go to Site > Manage Sites and then select the pencil icon displayed below the list of sites.
  2. In the Site Setup box, select "Servers" in the left column.)
  3. Select the '+' icon at the bottom of the server list to add a new server.
  4. Configure the server (substitute example settings in brackets with settings for your own site):
    • Server Name: web2
    • Connect using: SFTP
    • SFTP Address:
    • Username: [your user id]
    • Password: (leave this field blank so that you'll be prompted when you connect)
    • Root Directory: /home/depts/[example]
    • Web URL: []
  5. Save all settings.

Connect to the Server

  1. Verify that your are connected to USM's VPN.
  2. Open the site in Dreamweaver.
  3. In the Files panel, select the Connect icon (it looks like two unconnected electrical plugs). When prompted, enter your password and click OK.
  4. As needed, switch between your "Local view" and the "Remote server" by using the drop-down selector to the right of the site selector.

Upload Files to the Server

  1. Verify that the Files tab is set to show local files ("Local view").
  2. Select the file(s) you want to upload from your Local Files list and click the upload icon (it looks like a blue arrow pointing upward).

Download Files from the Server

  1. Verify that the Files tab is set to show remote files ("Remote server").
  2. Select the file(s) you want to download from the Remote Server list and click the download icon (it looks like a green arrow pointing downward).


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