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iPad Printing

iPad printing currently supports iOS 8 and above.

USM is proud to announce iPad printing on the Portland, Gorham, and LAC campuses. This system is not supported with Android tablets (or phones), because of limitations in the Android platform. iPhone printing may work, but the web page will be difficult to read on such a small screen.

Printing from an iPad is always a two-step process:

  1. connect to the PaperCut web page to authenticate
  2. print your job

Please make sure you remember to visit the PaperCut web page before you print, else your job will be deleted after five minutes.

How To Configure your iPad

  1. Install the PaperCut App on your iPad Homescreen, log in as a user
  2. See a example of how to print

Install PaperCut web app on your homescreen

  1. Open Safari (web browser)
  2. Go to
  3. Login with your University of Maine System Credentials (MaineStreet/BlackBoard), you may want to select remember me to save your username and password. This is the PaperCut web page:
  4. Tap the "box with a arrow" icon, choose Add to Home Screen, and give the shortcut a name:

    * You have now created a web shortcut icon for direct link to printing webpage

    Congratulations! you have setup printing from your iPad, a USM exclusive ability!

Printing Process

  1. Go to the homescreen and tap the PaperCut App shortcut
  2. Log in to PaperCut with UMS login (MaineStreet), you may want to select remember me to save your username and password. If you checked remember me in the steps above, then you will automatically be logged in.
  3. Select print by tapping the arrow in a box from within your document and choosing Print
  4. Choose an appropriate printer for your location. Initial locations are:
    • Glickman Library 2nd Floor
    • Glickman Library 3rd Floor
    • Gorham Learning Commons
    • LAC Commons
    • Law Library
    • Luther Bonney Computer Lab
      You will only see printers that are near your location.
  5. Success! You have now printed
  6. You can go back to PaperCut App on the homescreen to verify you have printed, you will see this:
  7. After selecting OK, you will see a history of your printing. Print jobs you have sent and the amount you have been charged will be shown.

    * Notice this screenshot shows a denied print job, it was denied because of an incorrect paper size, printing to USM printers can only use letter (8.5 x 11) print size.


Safari web browser - Make sure that cookies are enabled, and that private browsing is disabled. If you change these options from the defaults, the PaperCut application will not work properly.

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