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  • Troubleshooting Best Basis Transport
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If Best Basis Transport tool is not working, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take.

Step-by-step guide for different types of errors

Communication Error: 
This will occur when trying to download information to the door.

  1. Verify the cord is firmly plugged into the computer (Try unplugging/replugging).
  2. Open Best Basis Transport.
  3. Go to "File > Set Port".
  4. Click on "COM". If you go back to "File > Set Port", the COM you clicked on, now should have a check box next to it. (If not, click on it again).

Nothing is showing when launching Best Basis Transport (No doors available):
This error can occur after a computer reboot, or after losing VPN/Internet connection. The drives are no longer mapped, and need to be remapped.

  1. On the desktop, there is a blue and white icon named "ADLogon".
  2. Double click "ADLogon". Keep in mind, you will not notice anything happening.
  3. Go to "Start > Computer". You should now see all your available network drives.
    1. If you do not see your drives, right click on "ADLogon" and select open. Again, you will not see anything happen. Recheck your drives.
  4. Once you have your drives now listed, relaunch Best Basis Transport. (If it was open, close and relaunch it).


If non of these steps resolve your issue, please call Todd Marquis at 780-5651
If you run into an error that is not on the list above, please document it thoroughly, and email it to