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To streamline the catalog process and to achieve the consistent content (whether a user views a degree in the 'official' catalog, or on a department's site), 3 new content types were created:

  • Catalog Degree
    • This content type replaces the 'Degrees & Certificates' content type. It functions almost identically, with a few minor changes.
    • See Catalog Degrees for more info and instructions
  • Catalog Page
    • This content type functions almost identically to the regular Pages type, but is specifically for non-degree material that needs to be included in the Catalog.
      • Ex: Course Lists, Department Overviews, etc.
      • Catalog Welcome - This is a unique version of a Catalog Page used only for the President's Message and which will be the first page of all future catalogs.
    • See Catalog Pages for more info and instructions
  • Catalog Degree Supplemental
    • This content type was added to provide a place to put non-contract content that could be used to add interest or audience engagement to Degree content, but without the restrictions of the Catalog Page and Catalog Degree types.
    • See Catalog Degree Supplemental for more info and instructions