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Catalog Degrees are key selling points for individual departments, as well as for the University as a whole, so it is critical to have accurate, effective content that is easily accessible, clearly presented and engaging.

Create/Edit a degree


To create or edit a degree, you must:


New Shortcut: List Department Content

Use the "List Department Content" link in the Catalog Tools menu to see only the Catalog content for your department, and to quickly see which items are 'Ready' and which are not.

  1. Navigate to existing degree and click the 'Edit latest' tab
    Or Click 'Create Catalog Degree' under Admin Tools
  2. Edit the fields as desired (* = required)
    1. Catalog Assignment *
      Where degree should appear (Undergraduate, Graduate or Both)
    2. Type *
      Dropdown list of all degree & certificate options (BA, BS, MA, MSEd, PhD, etc.)
      1. See example, below
    3. Name *
      Name of the degree (concatenated with Type when created to form degree title: "BA in Studio Art")
      1. See example, below
    4. Description*
      The introductory description of the degree
    5. Program Requirements *
      List any requirements for completion of degree
    6. Recommended Course Sequence
      If no content is present, this tab will not show
    7. Admission Information
      If no content is present, this tab will not show
    8. Degree Aggregation Hierarchy *
      The relevant College (and School, where appropriate) for this degree.
      NOTE: Hold the Ctrl key (Command key for Mac) to select multiple options
      1. See example, below
    9. Status (Ready for Submission)
      When finished with all edits for an upcoming catalog, check this box to indicate that content is final. This flag is used by Catalog Managers to identify what content is ready.
      NOTE: If the Ready for Submission box is not checked prior to the Stage 1 deadline, this degree will not be published or included in the catalog.
  3. Click 'Save'
    REMINDER: 'Publish' is no longer available for degrees.

Compare Functionality

To see a side-by-side comparison between any 2 versions, go to the Revisions tab, check the boxes for any 2 revisions, and click the 'Compare' button. The comparison view currently displays the raw HTML which can be confusing, but any changes are highlighted in red for easier reference.

Revisions Tab 'Compare' button
(click to zoom)
Comparison View
(click to zoom)


Naming and Hierarchy Examples

BA in Art History

  • Type: BA
  • Degree Name: Art History
  • Degree Aggregation Hierarchy: College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Minor in Early Childhood Studies

  • Type: Minor
  • Degree Name: Early Childhood Studies
  • Degree Aggregation Hierarchy: Lewiston-Auburn College

Master of Science in Nursing - Education

  • Type: Certificate of Graduate Study
  • Degree Name: Health Policy & Management
  • Degree Aggregation Hierarchy: School of Nursing AND College of Management and Human Service

Remove a Degree

  1. Make sure the 'Ready for Submission' checkbox is empty before the end of Stage 1
  2. When the new catalog is published, the 'un-ready' degree will be unpublished
    1. The degree will not be deleted, in case it returns at a later point; however, if a degree does need to be permanently deleted, contact the Catalog Admin.

Additional Notes

Remember to use the Catalog Degree Supplemental type to add/edit the Career Options and Learn More sections.