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As identified in Catalog Roles, Catalog Managers have several abilities and functions beyond those of individual Catalog Editors. Catalog Managers serve as gatekeepers for all the content within their respective Colleges and/or Schools.

Any changes or issues outside the scope of the Catalog Manager role must be brought to the Catalog Admins.

Responsibilities (by Stage)

Stage 1

  • Check in with your departments' Catalog Editors well ahead of the deadline for Stage 1 to see if there are any questions or concerns, or major content changes coming
  • As the deadline approaches, use the List Department Content tool to quickly check the status of which content has and has not been marked as Ready for Submission. If there are any concerns, contact the relevant Catalog Editor(s) to discuss.
    • NOTE: Catalog Editors may continue to make changes to the content right up to the deadline, regardless of the 'Ready' status of their content
  • IMPORTANT: Any catalog content that is not marked as 'Ready' WILL NOT be added to the academic catalog. If in doubt and the Catalog Editor is not available to confirm, mark it as 'Ready' and it can be removed during Stage 2 by the Catalog Admin.

Stage 2

Stage 3

  • No further action possible during Catalog Admin review period



Links to these functions can be found under the new 'Catalog Tools' menu in the right-hand column:

  • View Catalog Menu
    • Opens new window to this wiki
  • List Embedded Links
    • For reviewing all links in the catalog content
  • List Department Content
    • Summary view of all catalog content within the department sub-sites
  • List Migrated Content
    • Summary view of all catalog content that has been migrated into the pending catalog
    • Only visible during Stage 2
  • View Pending Catalog (& Re-Order Catalog Navigation Menu)
    • Where Managers can assign the catalog navigation for their respective areas
    • Only visible during Stage 2
  • View Current Catalog
    • Once the 2013-14 catalog is published, this link will provide a shortcut to the current catalog



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