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All components have a handful of options in common. In addition, ?some components use key-value pairs.

List of Common Components (Back to top)

  • Label (Required)
    This text appears above the form component (unless hidden via Hide Label, below)
  • Field Key (Required)
    The unique identifier of the individual component; Leave as generated in most cases


    If you create a clone of an existing component, you will need to edit the clone's Field Key to be something unique. In such cases, use ONLY alphanumeric characters and underscores ("_"). Do not use spaces.

  • Default value
    The default value of the field (varies by field type, text, date, time, etc.)
  • Description
    A short description of the component; always appears below the component in smaller text
  • Required (formerly "Mandatory")
    Check this option to make this component required
  • Hide label
    Many components have this option to not display the Label for the component
  • Label display (Currently ignored by CMS)
    Select where the Label field will appear
  • Disabled
    Makes field un-editable by user. Leave un-checked.
  • Description above field
    Place the description above — rather than below — the field.
  • Private
    Private fields are shown only to users with results access.
  • CSS Classes
    Not used by CMS .

Using Key-Value Pairs (Back to top)

Key-value pairs are used to assign unique values to each option in components that present multiple options, such as Grid Components and Select Options Components.

Each pair must:

  • Be on a separate line
  • Be separated by the vertical bar, or 'pipe' character ("|")
    - Shift+Backslash (located directly above Enter key on most keyboards)

Keys are used by the CMS behind the scenes and are never displayed on the page or in standard form results (see Form Settings). Each key must:

  • Be unique
  • Use ONLY alphanumeric characters and underscores (No spaces)

Values are the text of the options to be displayed. These values are also stored in the Results table and sent in email confirmations (see Email Settings). Values may use any characters, including spaces.



1|First option
2|Second option
3|Third option
4|Fourth option


Easy Keys

In almost all cases, using incremental numbers for keys

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