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Conditional provide complex and dynamic functionality for Webforms. The most common use is to make one or more fields on a form visible or invisible based on selections of other components, in combination with the Page Break Component.

For example:

A simple feedback form contains a Select Options Component that asks if the user is willing to be contacted further. The component has 2 options: Yes and No.

  1. If the user selects Yes, the form displays a second page with additional contact information input fields (Email Component, Textfield Component for a phone number, etc.) which the user fills out before finally submitting the form
  2. If the user selects No, the form is submit without showing the additional contact information page.

Create Conditional Content

  1. Create components
  2. Click the 'Conditionals' button next to the 'Form Components' and 'Emails' buttons
  3. Click 'Add a new condition' and enter the relevant rules for each relevant field:
    If <Component Name> <Is / Is not / Contains / etc...> <Some Value>
    then <Component Name> <Is / Isn't > <Shown/Required/Set to>


To create feedback form like the example listed above, the necessary steps would look like:

  1. Create Select Options Component (name "Contact Further")
    Key-value pairs: 1|Yes, 2|No
  2. Insert Page Break Component after "Contact Further"
  3. Create Email Component (name "Home Email") after the Page Break Component
  4. Add Conditional as follows:
    If <Contact Further> <is> <Yes>
    then <Home Email> <is> <shown>

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