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Course List - the original CMS Page reserved for listing all courses on offer by a department (including descriptions, pre-reqs, etc.). Used by some dept's and not others.

Course Descriptions - the new Catalog Page with a department's full course offerings (as of the 2012-13 catalog), to be included in the catalog. Present for every department.

Avoid Duplicate Entry

Avoid duplicate entry by pointing to the Catalog Page version. See below for more info.

All Academic sub-sites were created with a 'Course List' link available in the left-hand navigation. This link points to regular Pages type content titled 'Course List' that can be used to show a department's full list of course offerings. As with most left-hand navigation links, this link only appears if the department has published that 'Course List' page.

Currently, not all departments use this page, but the full course offerings are needed for the catalog, so each department now has a Catalog Page with the title 'Course Descriptions' that has the full list of course offerings as listed in the 2012-13 catalog. This is where Editors must make any changes for them to appear in the official catalog, even if they are not currently using the 'Course List' page.

Not Connected to MaineStreet

Remember, the CMS is still not connected to MaineStreet in any way, so any changes to course information (whether in 'Course List' or 'Course Descriptions') must still be passed on to the Registrar.

Avoid Duplication

For those that have published the regular Course List page on their site, having 2 pages could easily mean duplicate entry. To avoid this, Editors may request that the 'Course Descriptions' Catalog Page replace the old 'Course List' regular Page. The 'Course List' left-hand navigation link will then be pointed to the Catalog Page version and the old 'Course List' Page will be removed.

Final note: Some departments use the Course List page as more than a simple text list of all the course offerings. An excellent example of this is the Dept. of Engineering's Course List, which has manually created a hyperlinked collection of each of their courses with additional detail about each one. This is something we hope to enable systematically in the future by tying to MaineStreet, but it is currently not available and cannot be replicated in the official catalog. In such cases, changes must be made to both the 'Course List' and 'Course Descriptions' content.

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