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The email address field will do basic validation (see below) and may be used to send a copy of the complete webform (see Email Settings).

The first example at the right shows the default settings. The second shows a Width of 50.

Email-specific Options

  • User email as default
    Only applicable if user is logged in to the CMS; leave un-checked
  • Default value
    The default value of the field; leave blank
  • Multiple
    Allow multiple e-mail addresses, separated by commas.
  • Format
    Select long or short format (long: "Example Name" <>, short: Short format only:
    NOTE: Not all servers support the "long" format, so leave as 'Short'.
  • Unique
    Check box to ensure that no two entries may contain the same value
    NOTE: If form allows multiple submissions (which it does by default - see Form Settings), this will cause a user to be effectively blocked from completing the form.
  • Width
    The number of characters to be visible at one time; additional characters will still be accepted
    NOTE: This is a rough number, since various characters have different widths (ex: "i" versus "m")
    NOTE: The default width is roughly 60 characters

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