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Using the Quick Links content type as an example, the following steps show how to add or edit links to online content that is external* to the CMS (such as Blackboard, MaineStreet and any non-USM web sites).

Linking to Files in CMS

* To add links to specific files (such as PDFs, spreadsheets, Word documents, etc.) that exist within the CMS via the File Browser, see: Linking to Files within the CMS

  • Highlight the text to be linked (or link to be edited)
  • Click the Insert/edit link icon

In the pop-up window, enter the following information:

  • Url: Required. This must be the full URL, including the proper prefix (such as "http://", "https://" or other type).
  • Text to Display: Required. This is the text of the link. (This defaults to the text selected before clicking the link tool.)

  • Title: Optional, but strongly urged. This text is used to create the tooltip text when a user hovers over the link and is used by screen readers for accessibility (see Step 3 for examples).
  • Target: Optional. Leave as is for most links. By default, it opens links in the same window.

    Opening links in a new window

    This may be changed to open the link in a new window, but new window links cause problems for accessibility (screen readers, etc.) and may also confuse general user experience. If you must create a new window link, please indicate this behavior in the link or the text around the link.

  • Click OK
  • Publish the content when finished
  • Below are examples of links created with and without the Title field entered as they appear to the user.

With Title data

Without Title data

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