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Faculty pages contain basic contact information, as well as the option to include more detailed biographical information and the ability to upload images, CVs and resume files.

Faculty pages, like Staff pages, are automatically included on the sub-site's People page, as well as on the full Faculty and Staff Directory pages, as soon as they are published (and removed when unpublished).


  1. Complete and Current: Be sure to update Office Hours each semester, phone changes, etc.
  2. No page, No search: Faculty members without pages will not be found in a search within the CMS (unless separately listed in other content)
  3. Multiple entries necessary: Faculty teaching in different departments must have separate pages for each department site


  • Prefix: Select from the following options:
    Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.
  • First Name: (Required)
  • Last Name: (Required)
  • Suffix: Generational titles, academic credentials, and professional credentials should be entered in the 'Suffix' field. Abbreviate using a period after each element in the abbreviation but no internal spaces. (For example, enter 'Ph.D.', not 'PhD'.) Separate multiple suffixes with commas. For example:

    • Psy.D., L.C.S.W.

    • Ph.D., J.D.

    • Sr., M.F.A.

  • Department Head: Check this box if this person is the head of their department.
    • If checked, the person's name and title will be listed at the top of department's People page.
    • Only one Department Head will be listed for each group.
  • Faculty Title: (Required) This is basically a job title or position.
    • Examples: "Director of HR", "Associate Professor of Technology", etc.
  • Primary Duties: This optional field may be used to highlight certain areas of your work, beyond your official title. 
    • Example: Title of "Academic Advisor" may have a Primary Duties value of "Serving students with last names A-L".
    • NOTE: This information will only appear in the department context, not the full USM People listing. If blank, it will not appear at all.
  • Faculty Type: (Required) Select from the following options:
    • Professor
    • Assistant Professor
    • Associate Professor
    • Adjunct Faculty
    • Part-time
    • Instructor
    • Lecturer
  • Photo: (DEPRECATED) DO NOT USE - Old theme only
  • Office Address: (Required) Street/Office address
  • Office Hours Semester: Select the appropriate semester from the dropdown list
    • NOTE: Both 'Office Hours Semester' and 'Office Hours Time' must be populated for the information to display.
  • Office Hours Times: Open text entry (e.g., "Mon/Wed 11-1", "Fridays 9-12", etc.)
    • NOTE: Both 'Office Hours Semester' and 'Office Hours Time' must be populated for the information to display.
  • Contact Phone: (Required) Full phone number, including zip code.
  • Contact Email: (Required) Be sure this is typed correctly, as the field is not currently validated.
  • Bio: Enter any personal information, if desired
    • Displays as title of 'Profile'
    • Professional information should be entered in relevant fields at end of list, below (Areas of Expertise, Creative Activity, etc.)
    • See Using the Text (WYSIWYG) Editor
  • CV: Upload a Curriculum Vitae or Resume, if desired
    • Must be either TXT or PDF format, and no larger than 2 MB
  • Personal Web site: Enter the full URL of the faculty's external personal site, beginning with "http://"
  • Blog: Enter the full URL, beginning with "http://"
  • List in Faculty Research Directory:  Check this box to be included in the Faculty Research Directory.
  • Research Interests: Enter research interest information, if desired
  • Recent Publications:  List any publications (include links, where applicable)
  • Photo - Large Format: Faculty photo
    • Minimum dimensions 225px x 225px
    • Do not create a circlular mask for the image; this effect is produced automatically by the Web CMS
    • if no image is uploaded in this field, a placeholder image will display on the Faculty profile page as well as on the site's People list page (the old, smaller-format image will not be used)
  • Academic Degrees: (Required) List of degrees received
    • Max 255 characters for each entry
    • Click 'Add new item' to add new entry
  • Areas of Expertise: Rich text field
  • Areas of Scholarship: Rich text field
  • Presentations: Rich text field
  • Creative Activity: Rich text field
  • Performances: Rich text field

  • Awards and Recognition: Rich text field

  • Professional Activities: Rich text field

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