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For grouping different components together on the Webform into one area with its own label. There are several display options for Fieldsets, Collapsible and Collapsed by Default. Collapsible allows the components within the Fieldset to be minimized by the user. Collapsed by Default has the Fieldset minimized from the start.

The examples at the right show:

  1. A Fieldset with an Email Component, Date Component and Select Options Component
  2. A Fieldset with the Collapsible and Collapsed by Default options checked (resulting in a single-line view, initially)
  3. A Fieldset with Collapsible checked and Collapsed by Default un-checked

For more information:

Fieldset-specific Options

  • Collapsible
    When checked, user may expand or collapse the Fieldset
    NOTE: See chart below for settings and results
  • Collapsed by Default
    When checked, Fieldset will first display as a single line (collapsed)
    NOTE: See chart below for settings and results


Collapsed by Default

Display Result

Fully visible
Not collapsible

Fully visible
& Collapsible

Single line

Not valid

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