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The File Component allows users to attach files to be sent along with the Webform.

Contact the Help Desk

This component should not be used without first contacting the Help Desk. No private, compliant or other secure data should be uploaded in this manner.

File-specific Options

  • Upload directory
    Enter a short name (no spaces or special characters) for a sub-directory under the main webform folder to uploaded your files to to keep them grouped together. Can be shared with other forms.
    Ex: "art", "dsc", "reslife", etc.
  • Rename files
    Leave blank.
  • Max upload size
    Default is 2MB, max is 8MB.
    NOTE: Only in extreme circumstances should files more than 2MB be allowed.
  • Allowed file extensions
    Select ONLY the file types you wish to allow. The fewer, the better and the more secure. 

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