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Add New Components (Back to top)

  1. Enter a Name
  2. Select a Type
  3. Decide whether to make the component Required or not
  4. Click Add

Edit Existing Components (Back to top)

  • Click Edit to edit the details of the component
  • Click Clone to make a duplicate of the component
    You will need to change the Field Key to something unique
    (See Common Component Options)
  • Click Delete to delete the component (you will be prompted to confirm this decision)

Re-order Components (Back to top)

# Click the multi-directional arrow to the left of the component you wish to move

  1. Drag the component up or down and release it where desired

    Adding Components to Fieldsets

    Drag components directly beneath a Fieldset Component. The multi-directional arrow will indent to the right, indicating that it will be grouped within that component, as seen at right.

  2. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen

    Unlike other edits which are automatic, if the Save button is not pressed, the new order will not be saved.

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