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Customize what happens when a visitor clicks the Submit button (confirmation message, redirection, etc.)

Form Settings Options

  • Confirmation message (We recommend leaving this field blank and using the Redirection Location field instead)
    Customized confirmation text. (Ex: "Thanks for your interest in our program. Someone will be in contact with you shortly.")
    Default: Regardless of what is present in the Confirmation message field (even if blank), the following text will always appear: "Thank you. Click here to return to the form."
    Note: because the confirmation message does not currently display in the context of the sub-site, it's best not to use this field, but to instead create a Page with a confirmation message, and then use the Redirection location field to point to that page.
  • Redirection location
    Determine where to send the user when the Submit button is clicked
    Default: Confirmation page (with messaging as noted above)
    Best practice: create a Page for the confirmation message, then use the Custom URL option here and enter the URL of the Page (beginning with
  • Total submissions limit (Leave at default)
    Limit the total number of submissions the form may accept, regardless of visitors
    Default: Unlimited

  • Per user submission limit (Leave at default)
    To limit # of times a specific IP Address may submit the form
    Default: Unlimited

    Since general visitors do not log into the website, the system assumes each computer is a single 'person', so leave this entry as is

  • Status of this form
    Form can remain visible, but inactive (not allow submissions)
    Default: Open (active)
  • Submission access (Leave at default)
    Determines who may submit an entry
    MUST have the following checked:
    - anonymous user
    - authenticated user
  • Progress bar
    • Progress bar style
      Choose how the progress bar should be displayed for multi-page forms:
      • Show progress bar (default)

      • Show page number as number of completed (i.e. Page 1 of 10)

      • Show percentage completed (i.e. 10%)

      • Show page labels from page break components(default)

      • Include confirmation page in progress bar(default)

    • First page label
      Custom text for progress bar label
      Default: "Start" 

    • Confirmation page label
      Custom text for progress bar label
      Default: "Complete" 
  • Preview page
    • Enable preview page
      Add a page for previewing the form before submitting 
  • Advanced settings (Leave at default)

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