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Each Gallery may have multiple images, but Gallery Images cannot be created until at least one Gallery Placeholder has been created. Thereafter, Gallery Images can be added in one of two ways:

  1. Add Photo link at bottom of each Gallery page (when in edit mode)
  2. Create Gallery Image on Admin Tools menu

In either case, the following fields are available:

  • Title: (Required)
  • Gallery: (Required) A dropdown list of all galleries in the group (published or unpublished)
    • Using the Add Photo link automatically selects the current Gallery
  • Image: (Required) See Image Dimensions, below
  • (Alternate Text): This only appears after the image is uploaded
    NOTE: This text is used for the image's caption on the Gallery page and Slideshow view
    NOTE: See Use of Image Attributes, below
  • Weight: A dropdown of the weighting for the image
    NOTE: Defaults to 0; Images with lower numbers appear first (see Proper Weighting note, below)
  • Description: Use the Text Editor to add a full description of the image
    NOTE: This text is used for the image's description on the Image Details page
    NOTE: See Use of Image Attributes, below

Proper Weighting

If the order of images is important for your gallery, be sure to add the proper Weight for each image when it is created. There is currently no easy method of updating weights, so any change of order may require manually editing each and every image in a gallery.

Image Dimensions (Back to top)

Gallery images have the following requirements:

  • Maximum file size: 5 MB
  • Allowed extensions: jpg jpeg png gif
  • Images larger than 1024x768 pixels will be scaled

Use of Image Attributes (Back to top)

A known issue with the Gallery is the inconsistent implementation of the Title, Description, and Alternate Text fields. The examples below show how each is used in each variation of the Gallery Image views:

  • On a Gallery page
  • In a Gallery Slideshow
  • On an Image Detail page

On a Gallery page

  • Title: Appears directly beneath image
  • Alternate Text: Appears beneath Title
  • Description: Not displayed

In a Gallery Slideshow

  • Title: Not displayed
  • Alternate Text: Appears directly beneath image
  • Description: Not displayed

On an Image Detail page

  • Title: Appears above image
  • Alternate Text: Not displayed
  • Description: Appears beneath image

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