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The following steps show how to add or edit links to content types already created within the CMS (such as Pages, Webforms, Galleries, etc.).

Linking to Files in CMS

* To add links to specific files (such as PDFs, spreadsheets, Word documents, etc.) that exist within the CMS via the File Browser, see: Linking to Files within the CMS

  • Highlight the text to be linked (or link to be edited)
  • Click the Linkit icon 

In the Search Content field of the pop-up window that appears, enter the name or keywords of the content you wish to link to.

As you type, the system will return results for the best matches, grouped by type of content (News Item, Event, People, etc.), along with the full URL for each item.

When the desired item appears, click it to select it, then click Insert link.

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