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The responsive theme is a 2-column layout rather than the current 3-column layout. This was done to provide more space for the main content area, for better display and easier viewing. It also reduces the multiple navigation areas (Nav Menu, Quick Links, Resources, etc) to a single location in the left-hand sidebar (see Sidebar Menu).

Apart from changes to the display of individual content types (see Responsive Redesign Changes), the Landing Page and People Page for subsites will have dramatically different appearances, as shown below.

Landing Page Layout Change

NOTE: As before, changes to a department's landing page are made by editing the content types that populate the landing page. There is no 'Landing Page' content type.

DesktopTablet (Horizontal)Tablet (Vertical)Smartphone

People Page Layout Change

The new image field for Faculty and Staff populates the 'circle' images of staff on the main People page, rather than needing to click through to see them.


Catalog Degrees Layout Change

The tabs of the current theme are converted to accordions in the Responsive Theme

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