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The Number component requires a numeric (either integer or decimal) input.

Number-specific Options

  • Unique
    Check that all entered values for this field are unique. The same value is not allowed to be used twice.
    NOTE: If checked, this means no two users can enter the same number.
  • Integer
    Permit only integer values as input. e.g. 12.34 would be invalid. 
  • Minimum
    Minimum numeric value. e.g. 0 would ensure positive numbers. 
  • Maximum
    Maximum numeric value. This may also determine the display width of your field. 
  • Step
    Limit options to a specific increment. e.g. a step of "5" would allow values 5, 10, 15, etc.
  • Element type
    Choose Text field or Select list
    NOTE: A minimum and maximum value are required if displaying as a select.

  • Label placed to the left of the textfield
    Examples: $, #, -.
  • Label placed to the right of the textfield
    Examples: lb, kg, %.
  • Decimal places
    Automatic will display up to 4 decimals places if needed. A value of "2" is common to format currency amounts.

  • Thousands separator
    Comma, period, space or none.
    Default: Comma 

  • Decimal point
    Comma or period.
    Default: Period

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