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  • Phase 2 Conversion Checklist
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Use the following simplified checklist to make sure your site is ready for the new responsive design.

REMEMBER: The real time involved in this conversion is not entering the information or creating the content types, it's gathering the necessary info (e.g., Faculty and Staff pages) and identifying the optimal organization of your landing page. Don't skimp on the planning time. 

  • If you would like help with organizing your content (identifying your audiences, structuring the landing page, maximizing your additional nav links, etc.), please contact Andrea Tripp in Marketing
  • If you need help with images (using the new Image Bank or the image templates for Photoshop or Pixlr), please contact Tina Burnell in Marketing

  • If you need help with the technical side of things (adding new content, changing existing ones, etc.), contact Bill Blais

Core additions/changes

Review/Update of existing content

  • Update Faculty and Staff pages
    • For Faculty: at least one Academic Degree entry is required
    • For Faculty and Staff: Upload new larger picture (may reuse existing, if meets new dimensions)
    • For Faculty and Staff: Convert 'Bio' field to relevant new fields, where applicable (more info here: Faculty ProfileStaff Profile)
  • Review/Update Social Dashboard Links (Title and Weight fields)
  • Add new large Teaser Image to recent News Items
    • At least the 3 most recent, which display first on the landing page
  • Review/Update upcoming Events
    • Add image, links and other info, as applicable
  • Confirm that all images in any current 'regular' Pages are using some sort of 'float' (more info here: Embedded Images in Rich Text Fields)


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