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If your sub-site is a "Project" sub-site, you will manage your People listing differently than for a standard sub-site. Instead of an automatic aggregation of all Faculty and Staff content for the project site, the Project People page itself must be manually edited and managed by site publishers.

Edit Project People

  • Title: (Required) Title of the Project People page. (Note: for best search engine optimization, leave this as "People".)
  • USM People:  Use the lookup field and enter the name of a USM faculty or staff member already entered into the content management system. If you want to list a person at USM who does not yet have a faculty or staff page, you must first create a new page for that person in your project group, then go back and manually add them to the Project People list in this field. (Note: some faculty and staff members have multiple postings in the system if they have multiple roles and department associations. For these people, you will need to choose the most appropriate posting to link to.)
  • External Collaborators: This is an optional field where you can list any people associated with the project who are not at USM. Bulleted lists may work well for presenting this information, but are not required.
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