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  • Release 0.x - Launch through upgrade to Drupal 7
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This page is for historical reference only. Individual updates and fixes are not separated or fully documented.

Launched June 2011

Primary Purpose(s)

  • Implement all official USM web sites within a single CMS
    • Consistent look and feel
    • Accessibility (for visitors with visual difficulties)
    • Departmental-level control of content
    • Ease of content updates / management


  • External USM web sites discontinued in favor of Drupal-based CMS sub-sites
  • Exceptions
    • Law School
    • Muskie School (delayed implementation)
    • Athletics (partial implementation; separate primary site maintained)
    • Art Department (delayed implementation)

Interim Updates / Fixes

  • Art and Muskie brought into CMS 
  • Athletics has presence in CMS plus separately hosted primary site
  • Various security fixes implemented
  • Various bug fixes applied
  • Implemented custom Marketing Campaign elements
  • Added option to choose either News or Events to appear first
  • Added color and watermark choices to Slideshow Slide
  • Updated Content List to display ID of user who last published a piece of content under the 'Author' heading, rather than the user who originally created it
  • Implemented new Academic Catalog management and display functionality



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