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Release date: October 20, 2013

This upgrade is for the underlying platform rather than a site redesign. Very little of the visual experience has changed, but some minor changes were introduced, all of which are listed below.

Why upgrade?

Three main reasons:

  1. Move to the current version of Drupal 7
  2. Increase site speed for external visitors
  3. Standardize our development process

More generally, this upgrade puts the site in a much better position for future changes and enhancements, including responsive design (learn more about this here and here and here) and better content management tools and processes.

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Releases since launch of Version 1.0



Internal (web publisher/admin) changes

My Groups and My Account screens merged


  • All tabs on single screen (My Groups, Groups, Group Broken Links, File Browser)

Known Issues:

  • Problem Links tab not currently implemented (due to time constraints)

User Mgmt changes


  • New layout, same functionality
  • Now available directly from Group context, via new Admin Tools (see below)

Admin Tools list reorganized


  • Group Home, Group Member List, Group Content List grouped ahead of rest of Create... links

Edit and Content List screens simplified


  • Left-nav, Quick Links and Resources are dropped from content management and editing screens to raise Admin Tools
  • 'Edit current' tab will appear alongside the 'Edit latest' tab, If a pending revision exists
  • 'Publish' button now appears on all relevant edit screens
  • Content List now shows ALL content, not spread across multiple pages

Known issues:

  • Edit tabs have shifted above the department title on edit screens
  • Revision status message no longer appears

This image shows the changes for the edit screens

This image shows the known issues for the edit view

This image shows the changes to the Content list:

Preview change


  • 'Preview' no longer shows 'Trimmed version'

Known Issues:

  • Preview currently displays at the full page width, pushing the Admin Tools down beneath it. The Tools are still available, but you must scroll down to see them.

3-column/4-column layouts merged


  • If you publish a Promo Item (without checking the 'Display at top of right sidebar' box), the center column of the landing page will shrink to fit. If not, the center content will now expand to fill the empty space (see image)

    Published Promo Items will appear!

    If you had a 3-column layout before the upgrade, any published promo items that are not assigned to the upper right hand corner (see Promo Items for how to do this) will appear in the regular landing page space.

Internal Link button & interface changed


    • Button image
    • Interface for searching and selecting a piece of content

Known Issue

    • Filtering on Type of content (page, news, etc.) is no longer available (but the full URL is shown in the result, which should help users ensure they are getting the correct content).

This image shows the button change:

This image shows the search interface change:

This image shows the search result interface change:

Office Hours can show as 'Today's Hours'


  • Groups may now request a change to their layout to show their currently published Office Hours in a box titled "Today's Hours" above their Quick Links. Current Office Hours Exceptions will also show, as relevant. If the Office Hours page is unpublished, the box will disappear.

    Must be requested via Help Desk

    IMPORTANT: A request for this "Today's Hours" functionality must be placed with the Help Desk by an admin of the individual department

Audio creation interface changed


  • New 'Select' button validates URL prior to save
  • New 'Remove' button removes URL

Breadcrumbs improved


  • All breadcrumbs are now fully pathed down to the active page, except:
    • Node Revision screens - breadcrumbs vary here and sometimes point incorrectly
    • Directory listings (All USM staff / depts / etc) - these do not show the specific letters of the sub-pages

Character limit for Slideshow Slide Captions


  • Now 200 characters maximum


External (general visitor) changes

No more 'mega-menu' dropdown

  • The fly-down menu that appears when you hover over the main navigation buttons (Academics, Admission, etc.) has been removed. Buttons will now take users directly to underlying pages.

Events display change

  • Events now appear within their own modal window, rather than moving the user to a separate page

Calendar display change

  • Department calendars now show single-entry, multi-day events with a solid bar across all days.
  • Department calendars have replaced the 'Year", "Week", and "Day" navigation with monthly "Prev" and "Next" buttons
  • The all-USM events calendar now shows single-entry, multi-day events with both the start and end dates
  • The "Ongoing Events" section in the all-USM calendar has been replaced with a Quick Links sidebar

This image shows the changes to the departmental calendar:

This image shows the changes to the all-USM calendar:

Video size change

  • Increased to widescreen view (also fixes new Firefox security issue that blocks YouTube videos from showing while logged in)

Known Issue:

  • See Firefox security/video issue below, for potential link issue

Gallery slideshow minor interface change

  • The buttons to move between images are below the description, instead of overlaid onto the images themselves (see image)

Audio display changed

  • No longer requiring QuickTime

Catalog Degree tabs

  • Slight visual change to tabs on Catalog Degree content

All tables now have borders

  • Borders added to enhance readability of tabular data.

Known Issue:

  • Not actually an error, but any content that incorrectly uses tables for layout may have undesirable results. See image for examples.

More Info

  • The use of tables for web layout is a practice that has been rejected in modern coding standards. In addition, it limits our flexibility to make the content work effectively on multiple platforms and devices (see "Why Upgrade" note and links at top of page). For this reason, we recommend that web publishers remove all tables used strictly for layout in their site content. Tables needed to display actual tabular data are acceptable and encouraged.

Right-most column width enforced

  • The width of the right-most column is now properly enforced at all times, even if a department's Quick Links, Resources and Social Dashboard items are all unpublished
    • In the previous version, if no Quick Links, Resources, or Social Dashboard items were published, the content in the central column flowed over the empty column. This was incorrect behavior and created confusion when the Admin Tools appeared in the right column during edit mode.


Known Issues

Problem Links tab not currently implemented - Resolved in Release 1.25

See "My Groups and My Account changes", above

Events edit screen has unused checkbox - Resolved in Release 1.1

The Ongoing Events section was removed from the All-USM Events page, but the checkbox in the Events type remains. Checking or unchecking this box will have no effect.

Strange Subdomain Links ("") - Resolved in Release 1.1

Due to a caching issue, some internal links may appear as "" instead of "". These links are still functional -- they do point to the live web server -- but are not what we wish to display to site visitors. We hope to resolve the problem this week.

Webform Submission Dates - Resolved

Any Webform data submitted since the lockdown began Saturday morning has erroneous submission dates. We will update these fields with correct data this week.

Missing Webform and Results Tabs - Resolved

Some Webform pages are not displaying the Webform and Results tabs which are used to access form components, email settings, general form settings, and submitted form data. A workaround is available.

Deleting content redirects to home pageResolved in Release 1.3

The delete process works correctly, but you will need to navigate back to your department to continue editing other content. A fix is forthcoming.

Special Character Conversion Failure - Resolved in Release 1.2

Certain characters within links are displaying incorrectly.

Overviews without 'teasers' break anywayResolved in Release 1.3

Overview pages without a teaser should display in full, but they currently don't.

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