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The Results tab of the Webform gives access to all submissions of the form, which are automatically saved for reference.

The Results tab has 4 subtabs:

  • Submissions
  • Analysis
  • Table
  • Download
  • Clear


This section shows a simple table of all submissions, including the following information (each heading -- except Operations --may be clicked to re-sort the data)

  • #
    The unique ID for each submission
  • Submitted
    Date the submission was made
  • User
    Name of user


    Since visitors do not log in to the USM web site, all entries are recorded as the same "Anonymous" user

  • IP Address

    USM submissions

    This is the network address of the computer that the form was submit from. All submissions from public USM computer s (computer lab, etc) will have the same address because the machines are masked. This is another reason not to limit the number of submissions on a form (see Form Settings)

  • Operations
    Click the links to perform the relevant actions:
    - View a submission
    - Edit a submission
    - Deletea submission

    Delete = Permanent

    Deleting one or more submissions is permanent and cannot be undone


A simplified table showing each form component and the number or length of responses for each possible answer, including blanks.


A table view of all information for every submission.

While this does show all the information, it has 2 drawbacks in a web browser:

  1. Forms with more than 2 or 3 fields will push the display off the screen to the right, requiring a sideways scroll to see all content
  2. Textarea Components will display in full and in the constrained column width, so entries longer than 15 or 20 words will make rows much taller

For these reasons, the preferred viewing method is the Download option (below)


All saved form submissions may be downloaded in simple spreadsheet formats, for viewing in Excel and other software, using the following options:

  • Export format:
    Options: Delimited text (for saving in non-Excel formatting); Microsoft Excel
    Default: Microsoft Excel
  • Delimited text format:
    Options: Comma (,); Tab (\t); Semicolon (;); Colon (:); Pipe (|); Period (.); Space ( )
    Default: Tab (\t)

In most cases, the defaults are the best choices.

If your form has ?Select Options Components, you may also edit the Select list options expandable section:

  • Select keys
    Full, human readable options (values - See Key-Value Pairs section of ?Common Component Options)
    Short, raw options (keys - See Key-Value Pairs section of ?Common Component Options)
  • Select list format
    Separate - each option in the Select Component gets its own column, with an 'X' indicating the selection of that option
    Compact - all selections in a Select Component are listed in a single column

If your form is long or you wish to download only certain fields, use the Included export components expandable section to make your selections

Leading Zeros in Excel

If you have zip codes or other Textfield Components that ask for numeric input that may contain zeros (0) at the beginning, these entries will appear in Excel without the initial 0, by default. For common inputs like zip codes, use the following steps:

  1. Right click desired column
  2. Select Format cells
  3. On the Number tab, select Special
  4. Select Zip Code (or other desired format)
  5. Click OK


This tab prompts you to confirm your choice to delete all the saved submissions from the system. This action cannot be undone.

Admin role required

This feature is only available to users with the Admin role in a given sub-site.

Busy forms

If your form receives a lot of traffic, it may be a good idea to download copies of the submissions on a regular basis (weekly, monthly) and save them on a network drive, then Clear the Results from the CMS, to make ongoing management more effective.

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