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For a list of selectable options in the Webform, which may be displayed in various formats.

The examples at the right show the component formatted as:

  1. Radio buttons (single-select  - default)
  2. Checkboxes (multi-select)
  3. Drop-down (single-select)
  4. Listbox (multi-select)

For more information:

Select Options-specific Options (Back to top)

  • Options
    Use key-value pairs to create list of options to display
    NOTE: See Common Component Options (Using Key-Value Pairs) for more information
  • Multiple
    When checked, allows user to select more than one option
    NOTE: See chart at right for Multiple & Listbox combinations
  • Allow "Other..." option
    Check this option if you want to allow users to enter an option not on the list.
    • When checked, a new field appears: Text for "Other..." option 
      Enter custom text or leave default "Other..." text
  • Load a pre-built option list
    Use one of two pre-built lists (Days of the week; US States)
    NOTE: Not editable
  • Listbox
    When checked, converts to drop-down or listbox format
    NOTE: See chart at right for Multiple & Listbox combinations
  • Randomize options
    Randomizes the order of the options each time the form is displayed
  • Label display
    For radio button formats only, selecting 'Inline' under Label display will place the options side by side on the form, rather than one above the other.



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