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The responsive theme is a 2-column layout rather than the current 3-column layout. This was done to provide more space for the main content area, for better display and easier viewing. It also reduces the multiple navigation areas (Nav Menu, Quick Links, Resources, etc) to a single location in the left-hand sidebar. The Sidebar now consists of 5 sections:

Today's Hours

If the site's Office Hours content type is published, a block will display at the top of the sidebar, containing the date, the title of the Office Hours content and the current hours (or an Office Hours Exception, if applicable). If a site has more than one Office Hours published (for mulitple locations, for example), each will display in the order assigned. If there is an 'Alert' posted for the university as a whole, a note and link to that effect will also display here.

Single Office HoursMultiple Office HoursWith Alert Notice and Link


Contact Block

If the new Department Contact Block is published, it will display next, as a collapsed accordion menu. Clicking the 'plus' sign will expand to show the full information.

Collapsed (Default)Expanded (Single)Expanded (Multiple)


Navigation Links (Standard & Custom)

The Standard Navigation and Custom Navigation links will appear next.

If the site has published a Giving Link content type, it will display as a linked block after the navigation.

Social Dashboard

If one or more Social Dashboard Links are published, they will appear in the 'Social' block at the bottom of the sidebar.

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