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The basic component of webforms, Textfields accept any text. Useful for things such as names, phone numbers or anything not specifically handled by the other components.

No Validation

Unlike Date Components and Email Components, Textfields do not undergo any validation, so items like phone numbers or currency will not be checked for proper formatting, length, etc. before submission.

The first example at the right shows the default settings. The second shows a Maxlength of 35, a Width of 35, a Left Label of "$" and a Right Label of "dollars".

Textfield-specific Options

  • Unique
    Ensure that all entries are unique.
    NOTE: Checking this box means no two users can enter the same value. 
  • Maxlength
    Maximum # of characters this field will accept.
    Default = 130
  • Width
    Number of characters visible at one time (rough number); additional characters will still be accepted
    Default is roughly 60 characters
  • Placeholder
    Custom text to display in field until user starts entering a value.
  • Label placed to the left of the textfield
    Examples: $, #, -.
  • Label placed to the right of the textfield
    Examples: lb, kg, %.

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