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  • Adding the MUSIC-IRC5051 Canon ImageRunner ADVANCE C5051 printer to your Macintosh

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1. Save the attached CNADV4045U1.PPD printer file, and then place it inside the Resources folder at:

            Macintosh HD > Library > Printers > PPDs > Contents > Resources


5. Use or enter the following settings:


            Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

            Queue: MUSIC-IRC5051

            Name: MUSIC-IRC5051

            Location: (not necessary, but Corthell 104A if you'd prefer)

            Use: Select Printer Software, type in "C5041", and select "Canon iR-ADV C5045/5051". If it's installed, don't select the option with "PS" at the end.


            Press OK, and then press Add


2. Select the proper printer

            File > Print > Choose MUSIC-IRC5051 printer from drop-down menu


3. Select the detailed print screen

            (OS X 10.8 and OS X 10.7) Show Details button

            (OS X 10.6) Click the triangle to the right of the printer to show a more detailed print screen



4. Set orientation:

            File > Print > Orientation > (Portrait or Landscape)

            (In other programs, the page orientation is often in File > Page Setup...)


5. If you see a check box for "Two-Sided" in this screen, don't check it here.


6. Set layout:

            Underneath the Portrait and Landscape icons is a program-specific drop-down menu. Here, it will say "Safari". From this menu, choose "Layout"

            Once Layout is chosen, there will be choices under the "Two-Sided" drop-down, select one of the three choices: Off, Long-Edge binding, or Short-Edge binding


7. Set a stapling option:

            After the Layout choice is made, go back to the previous drop-down menu (currently Layout, previously Safari) and choose:

                        Printer Features


            After Printer features is chosen, Feature Sets: Paper will appear. From the drop-down menu where Paper appears, choose Finishing 2.


            The following stapling options should be chosen:


                        (a) For Portrait, Two-Sided, Long-Edge Binding, staple in upper left: 1 Staple (Port LU/Land RU)

                        (b) For Landscape, Two-Sided, Long-Edge Binding, staple in upper left: 1 Staple (Port LB/Land LU)

                        (c) For Landscape, Two-Sided, Short-Edge Binding, staple in upper left: 1 Staple (Port LB/Land LU)


8. You will find it easier to set presets for selecting often-used printing options (other than single-sided with no stapling). Once the proper settings are chosen, they can be saved (and edited) under

            File > Print > Presets


Example preset names could be:

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Portrait Long-Edge Binding

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Landscape Long-Edge Binding

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Landscape Short-Edge Binding

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Portrait Long-Edge Binding Staple UL

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Landscape Long-Edge Binding Staple UL

            MUSIC-IRC5051 Landscape Short-Edge Binding Staple UL