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The Catalog process has three distinct stages with specific and deadlines for each:

  • Stage 1 - Open Edit
    • May 1 - Mar 31 (subject to change, contact Admin for final dates)
    • Editors may update catalog content (degrees and pages) for next academic year
    • Editors may not publish those changes
      • See Stage 3
  • Stage 2 - Manager Final Review
    • April 1 - April 1515 (subject to change, contact Admin for final dates)
    • Editors may not make further updates (see below)
    • Managers perform final reviews and approval of , make necessary edits, and approve all content in their collegesrespective areas
  • Stage 3 - Admin Final Review and Publication
    • April 16 - April 30
    • Editors may not make updates (see below)
    • Managers may not make updates (see below)
    • Admin performs final review of all content and publishes catalog
  • Return to Stage 1
    • Editors may again update catalog content (for next academic year)




Any changes desired after April 1 Stage 2 must be approved by the Catalog Admin (the Registrar). If approved, the affected department will be charged a fee of $100/hr, with a 2-hr. minimum, to make the changes.

  • What?! Why a fee?
    To emphasize the critical nature of the April 1 hard deadline, similar to a physical document 'going to print'.
  • But it's all digital now, so it can be fixed/changed at any time!
    True, but the catalog is the University's annual contract with students, and should therefore not change except under the most extreme circumstances, to ensure the reliability of that contract.