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Galleries are grouped collections of imagesGallery Images. You may create multiple galleries to suit your needs.

Images are currently grouped 6-to-a-page, with links to move between pages at the bottom of each page. Galleries with more than 1 image in it will have the Start Slideshow link at the top of each pageGallery Image thumbnails display on a Gallery page, with a Start Slideshow button at the top which launches a modal popup to navigate through the gallery.

Unlike most other content types, Galleries requires require two separate steps:

Step 1: Create the Gallery placeholder

Step 2: Add Gallery Images

titleDon't forget to link it

Like some other content types, Galleries will not automatically appear on your site pages when you publish them. You will need to link to each Gallery via ?Quick Links or Resources, or other ?Content Types that have link functionality (most often through the Text Editor)from another page, from content on your department homepage, or from the sidebar navigation.


Gallery Slideshow