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  • How to Change the Virus Protection Settings on Your Computer

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  1. Go to your Windows Start menu and Choose "System Center Endpoint Protection"

  2. Go to the "Settings" Tab
  3. From here you can change the time for the weekly scan:
  4. Change the time for the daily quick scan:
  5. Or change the amount of your computer's processing power is used during scans:
  6. Make sure you click the "Save Changes" button when you are done.
  7. When you click Save Changes, you might be prompted to allow System Center Endpoint Protection to make changes on your computer. You can say Yes to this question.
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In this example, I have change the weekly full scans to 7 PM on Saturday, the daily quick scans to a time when I know I will be away from my computer, 12 PM, every day. I also want the scan to happen quickly, so I have set the CPU usage to 80%.