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  • How do I print from my laptop?

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How do I print from my laptop?

1. For all student printing resources visit:

2. To download the printer driver click on the Laptop Printing link under Printing Resources

3. Read the entire page first to understand the installation process, next click on the link for either PC or Mac depending on your device.

Step 1. Download and install the PaperCut PC Client program that allows you to print from your laptop the first time.

You will want to save the file.  You may get a warning that this program was downloaded from the internet and may be unsafe. Your antivirus software may flag this program as malicious; you must make an exception for this program. The program has been tested and will not harm your computer.  It can easily be removed later.

Step 2. Install the PC Client Application. This will install the Papercut PC client on your computer. Reboot the system when install is complete. When you choose the "Print" option, you will need to select the USM Laptop Printer. If you have enough money on your USM card, you will be able to print; if not you will get an error such as insufficient funds.

? On some systems the Papercut PC client will be set to start on login, some systems it will not. To see if the client is running look for the icon seen below in the:

PC: Icon will be seen in the bottom right corner of the task bar. If it is not you must start it manually by going to Start Menu - All Programs – click on Papercut NG. The program will now show up in the task bar. You must do this each time you login, or set the program to run automatically on startup.

MAC: Icon will be seen in the dock. If it is not you must start it manually by going to Finder – Applications – click on The program will now show up in the dock. You must do this each time you login, or set to open at login..

Icon in the taskbar or dock for the Papercut Client looks like this:

Once the Papercut Client is successfully installed and running, to print you follow these directions:

For this example we will show the steps to print from Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 7

1. Click on the file tab and choose print from the menu in the left hand column

2.  The next screen will require you to choose the USM Laptop Printer


3. Click Print, the next box will appear and ask you to enter your USM Login ID and Password.  You have the option here to remember the password until you logout, or choose a timed option that will require you to sign in again after a certain time.


4. Click OK, one more box will open with the cost of your print job displayed.  At the bottom of this box is drop down menu allowing you to choose which copier to send you print job too. Choose the copier for your location and click PRINT.