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  • How do I Check My Print Job Log in PaperCut?

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1. Navigate to the USM Computing homepage at:

2. From the Computing Services page, go to the Resources column on the right side.  Click on the link for Printing resources.

3. Under Printing resources click on the My Print Job Link

4. Here you will log into the PaperCut Webpage using your USM ID and Password (Same as Mainestreet, USM Gmail login)

5.  Once logged into PaperCut the homescreen is the Summary page.  In the left hand column click on the recent Print Jobs link.

6. From this page you can identify:

- Who printed

- Which printer the print job went to

- How many pages printed

- The cost of the print job

- The name of the document with file extension

- The status: this is important, in this column you can look to see if the document has printed yet,    or if printing was denied, this commonly occurs when the account has insufficient funds available.

Status key:

Printed means the print job is in the queue but not printed yet

Printed + Checked means the print job has successfully printed

Denied + not charged means the print job failed