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  • Where is Macintosh software for general student use installed on campus?

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IT User Services Student Computer Services (ITUSSCS) manages general student-use computers on the Portland, Gorham and Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) campuses. There are other computer facilities on campus which are for use only by students enrolled in particular classes or academic programs, and those facilities aren't addressed here. Please contact the specific academic department for questions about those installations.

Broadly speaking, there are five types of Macintosh software suite installations:

(1) a general-use computer stuffed with many application programs
(2) an identical setup plus Parallels (for running Windows XP and PC applications - in Luther Bonney 203 only)
(3) a computer with Adobe Creative Suite 5.0 that's connected to a flat-bed scanner
(4) three new computers in the Glickman Library in Portland with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium (but with no scanner)
(5) and a handful of general-use computers with varying versions of Apple's Final Cut or Logic Pro software. These computers are:
a. Bailey Commons, Computer E02 - Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro 6)
b. Bailey Commons, Computer E03 - Logic Studio (Logic Pro 9)
c. Luther Bonney Computer Lab, Computer B05 - Logic Studio (Logic Pro 8)
d. Luther Bonney Computer Lab, Computer B06 - Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro 7)

The Macintosh computers (21.5-inch iMac, OS X 10.6.8) managed by ITUSSCS are here:

Portland - Campus Center; 1 iMac
Portland - Glickman Library, 2nd Floor; 3 iMacs
Portland - Glickman Library, 3rd Floor; 1 iMac
Portland - Law School Library, 3rd Floor; 2 iMacs
Portland - Luther Bonney Computer Lab; 10 iMacs, 1 scanner iMac
Portland - Luther Bonney Hall 203 (classroom with projector); 30 student iMacs, 1 instructor iMac; these computers are for class use, but the room is often opened during busy periods as overflow for the Luther Bonney Computer Lab
Portland - Luther Bonney 231, Instructional Technology and Media Services; 2 Mac Minis on carts for classroom/projector use
Gorham - Bailey Commons; 4 iMacs, 1 scanner iMac
Gorham - Brooks Center, 1st Floor; 1 iMac
Gorham - Costello Gym; 1 scanner iMac
Gorham - Bailey 3, Instructional Technology and Media Services; 2 Mac Minis on carts for classroom/projector use
Lewiston-Auburn College - LAC Commons; 1 iMac, 1 scanner iMac