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Long answer:
Learn more about using the Paste From Word button here.


Why aren't my changes showing on the live site?

Short answer:
There is up to a 15-minute delay (assuming you have Saved and then Published (both times!) your content)
- If 15 minutes have passed and the content still has not updated, contact the Help Desk.

Long Answer:
Each Content Type item is cached (a snapshot of the content is saved) by the CMS for 15 minutes to improve performance and reduce overhead. After 15 minutes, the cached version is deleted and re-generated on the next request.

In most cases, the Publish process will automatically refresh the cache, regardless of whether or not the cache is 15 minutes old. However, because every sub-site landing page is a collection of several Content Type item, it may not always "know" when one of its items has been updated. As a result, it might take a landing page the full 15 minutes to update.


Why isn't our Promo Item displaying?


Long answer:
If your sub-site uses the 4-column layout and you have Saved and then Published (both times!) the Promo Item, it should show. If not, please contact the Help Desk.

If your sub-site uses the 3-column layout, Promo Items will not appear. Yes, the Promo Item Content Type may be created, but it will never be seen by a visitor to the site.

The decision of using either a 3- or a 4-column layout was made by your group at the time of the creation of your sub-site. It is possible to change a sub-site layout, but it must be done behind the scenes. If your site needs have changed, contact the Help Desk to request a change from one layout to another.

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How do I edit my department's Degrees?

See the Academic Catalog Management - OverviewTool

Why can't I edit my department's Degrees anymore?