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Publishing content within the CMS follows these basic steps:


Table of Contents


1. Create / Edit

To create content, click the desired 'Create' link in the Admin Tools menu

To edit content:

  1. Use the Content List to find the item you wish to edit (or navigate directly to the item)
  2. Click the Edit, Edit Current, or Edit Latest tab
    Edit: Appears only prior to first publish of content
    Edit Current: To edit the currently published version of the content
    Edit Latest: To edit the latest (unpublished) revision after the current published version

Whether creating or editing, you will be presented with the editable form of the current Content Type you are working with. Follow the type-specific instructions to make desired changes.

Choose from one of the buttons at the bottom of the page:

  • Save: Use only if you are certain of your changes (see #3)
  • Preview: View your changes before you save them (see #2)
  • View changes: To view a side-by-side comparison of your changes against the current published or last saved version (see Compare to current)
  • Delete all: To permanently delete the content (and any revisions, if present)

2. Preview

This renders a view of the content as it will be seen by the user (see exceptions, below). Scroll down to view another editable form of the content, where you can make further changes.

titlePreview exceptions - Save for true display

There are currently 2 main exceptions to the accurate display of the preview screen.

  1. The Preview displays at full-width, which is not true for the final saved result
  2. Certain HTML formatting displays in Preview, but not once saved.

In either case, saving the content produces the true final display and still allows further editing before publication.

3. Save

When you are satisfied with your content, click Save.

After saving your changes you will see the Revisions sub-menu:

  • List all revisions: Lists all existing revisions for the content (see #6, below)
  • View: Shows the content as the visitors will see it
  • Edit: Shows the edit screen for the content
    NOTE: This button is visible ONLY to Publishers and Admins
  • Publish: Publishes the content
    NOTE: This button is visible ONLY to Publishers and Admins
  • Compare to current: Same as View Changes (see #1, above)
    NOTE: See Compare to current

NOTE: For Non-Publishers and Non-Admins, clicking Save means they will no longer be able to edit that revision. These Member-level users may view the edited content, or create another revision based off the current published content, but they may not re-edit an existing revision. A Publisher or Admin must publish or edit that revision.

3.5 - Revision List

Click the Revisions or Revision Operations tab to show all revisions for the content. There are three states of revision:

  1. Archived  (grey color)
  2. Published (yellow color)
  3. Pending revision (pink color)

Click the hyperlinked date for a given entry to view and edit that entry.

titleRevert to previous published version

To revert to a previous revision, you actually edit, save and publish a new version of that previous revision:

  1. Click the hyperlinked date of the desired revision
  2. Edit the revision as desired
  3. Click Save
  4. Publish as normal

4. Publish & Confirm

This step is only available to Publishers and Admins.

Click Publish to bring up a confirmation screen.

Click Publish again to publish that content to the live USM site.

NOTE: If there is a currently published version, this new published version will take its place, and the older version will be archived.

titleAutomatic publishing

It is possible to set content to be published (and unpublished) at a specific date and time in the future, for certain content types (see Scheduling Content)

5. Unpublish & Confirm

This step is only available to Publishers and Admins.

Click Unpblish to bring up a confirmation screen.

Click Unpublish again to unpublish that content.

NOTE: This means that the content will not be visible to visitors. If this is content on the home page, such as Promo Items or Overview content, the space reserved for that content will appear empty. Unpublishing content does not automatically publish another version.


titleAutomatic unpublishing

It is possible to set content to be unpublished (and published) at a specific date and time in the future.
See Scheduling Content.

6. Delete (Back to top)

This step is only available to Publishers and Admins.

This function is available at the bottom of an item's edit screen and on the Revisions menu, and will permanently delete the selected content (and any of its revisions, if there are any)

title*Deleting = PERMANENT*


WHEN IN DOUBT, UN-PUBLISH (see #5, above).