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  1. Place the cursor at the section of the page you want the user to be brought to
  2. Click the Insert/edit anchor button to launch pop-up box
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  3. Enter a short name for the anchor

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titleName Requirements

Anchor names must:

  • use ONLY alpha-numeric characters, dashes and underscores
  • NOT use spaces or other special characters
  • NOT use a number at the beginning of the name


  • anchor1
  • level_400
  • infoGrads

Not Acceptable:

  • 1anchor  (starts with number)
  • level 400(contains space)
  • info@Grads (contains special character)

Create Link to Anchor (Back to top)

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  1. Highlight the desired text which the visitor will click to get to the anchor
  2. Click the External Links button (not the Internal Links) to launch the pop-up box
  3. In the Link URL field, type the pound/number sign ("#") followed by the name of the intended anchor point (without spaces)
    Example: #400_level
    NOTE: Do not enter a full URLClick Insert (or Update, if editing an existing link) Anchors drop-down select from the anchors available on the page.
  4. Click OK
  5. Save the change (Preview does not always show the anchor functionality)
  6. Click each new link to make sure it goes to the proper sections
  7. Edit as needed
  8. Publish as normal

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