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  1. Add an ?Email Component for the submitter's email address on the form
    NOTE: If this field is not made Mandatory, the submitter will not receive a confirmation if they leave the field blank
  2. In the 'E-mails' subheading of the Webform, select the 'Component value' radio button and pick the email from Step 1
  3. Click 'Add' and modify the relevant field defaults (subject, from address, name, etc., as above)
  4. In the 'E-mail template' section at the bottom of the page, remove
    1. Remove the "Submitted by user: %username" line
      NOTE: If left in, it will display "Submitted by anonymous user: []" because submitters are not logged in, which may confuse the recipient
    2. Leave the rest of the info as is to show all the fields and the submitter's selections
    3. Add any additional explanatory text as desired
  5. Save

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