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7. Click the Insert button at the bottom of the popup window to insert the image into the Text Editor.

Edit Image BEFORE Uploading (Text fields)

For images added to Text fields, remember to resize the image first and then use the appropriate Float option.

Adding Images to Specific Image Fields



Image RemovedMany Content Types, such as Department Carousel SlidesDepartment Contact Blocks, and News Items have fields devoted specifically to images. In all such cases, the interface and process is similar.

Image Added

  1. Use either Upload or File browser to get the desired image
    1. Upload (default)
      1. Click Browse
      2. Find and select the image on your computer
      3. Click Upload
    2. File Browser
      1. Click File browser link to browse for the file from files already in the system, as described steps 3-5 from Text Editor instructions, above.
  2. After the file is uploaded, a thumbnail of the image and an Alternate Text field will replace the Upload/File browser field
  3. Enter Alternate Text (see Image Attribute Guidelines)
    (or click Remove to clear the image and upload or browse for a new one)

Edit Image BEFORE Uploading (Image fields)

Images larger than the requirements will work fine as long as they are proportional 


titleEdit beforehand


(if the requirements are 225x225 (a square), then an uploaded image of 500x500, 946x946, etc., will be okay because it is still a square).

Larger images that are not proportional will be resized first to the appropriate width, then cropped from the middle, potentially cutting off important parts of the image.

Example: If the image requirements are 550x244 and the image is 550x450, the resulting image is still taller than 244 pixels (as with standard photos and any portrait-orientation images), any extra content will be cropped:


  • Original Image:


  • Image Added
  • After Upload:


  • Image Added

See Image Editing for info on easy image editing options.

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